WHAT IS MORTGAGE INSURANCE? Why is it so important?

Securing your dream home involves more than signing a deed—it requires safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances. Enter creditor mortgage insurance, a crucial shield for homeowners. Simply put, this insurance serves as a safety net, offering financial protection for your loved ones in case of the unexpected.

Imagine facing an illness, disability, or even an untimely passing—events that could disrupt your ability to meet mortgage payments. Creditor mortgage insurance steps in during these challenging times, ensuring your mortgage obligations are covered, easing the burden on your family.

So, what exactly does this insurance cover? Typically, it accounts for the outstanding mortgage balance, providing peace of mind by paying off or reducing the loan if the insured individual passes away. Some policies might also include coverage for disability, critical illness, or job loss, ensuring mortgage payments remain manageable during difficult periods.

Understanding the importance of this insurance is pivotal, especially when considering the long-term financial implications it carries. It’s a proactive step toward securing your family’s future and preserving the home you've worked so hard to build.

After years of limited access to inferior insurance products, I'm excited to introduce offerings I truly believe in. Whether you're seeking to bolster your current coverage, explore new options, or secure insurance for your new mortgage, take the proactive step towards securing your home and your family's future.

Unlike previous products - This NEW product offered by Co-Operators Group includes:

  • Customizable coverage 
  • Aligning with individual budgets and needs 
  • Addition features that protect your investment such as coverage for job loss, critical illness, and more
  • Comprehensive agreements that protect you
  • And more

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