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Viewing properties is not where this process starts.  Well before this you should be preparing for homeownership.  Here is an idea of where to start and how to plan for house hunting.

Costs of Homeownership

Costs of homeownership goes well beyond your monthly mortgage payment.  Make sure you are aware of the other costs.  Read this document to get an idea of other costs you may face once the keys are in your hands.


This is a comprehensive budget to help review your monthly expenses.  Filled out, it will provide you with an idea of the cost of your monthly mortgage payments along with other costs associated with homeownership.

Who You Need

Surround yourself with those who will help you on your homeownership mission.  Here is a list of important people you will need along the way.  Contact me if you need help finding a professional near you.

Agent vs Bank

It goes unsaid that purchasing a house, though exciting, can be an overwhelming experience.  You want all of the right people on your side to help guide you through the process.  Here is a document which highlights why mortgage agents are often able to serve you better than a bank for your financing needs.

House Hunting Checklist

This is a great way of comparing properties.  Take this with you on your hunt and check off the boxes as you go.  After a long day of house hunting you can review the properties you visited and see how they compare.

Closing Costs

There are many costs associated with arranging your mortgage.  This list will let you know what costs you may face along the way.  This is just a guide.  Costs will vary depending on different situations.  Contact me for further closing cost information.

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